Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Gym Class Rule of Thumb

Ok. All fashion forward people dread that time of the day. It's called gym class. Not only do you sweat but your hair and makeup gets ruined. And not to mention the clothes!!!! So we made a rule of thumb to help. If you have a uniform then add amazing shoes in your favorite colour. If you don't have a uniform, chose clothes that is in your favorite colour. Then add a little style, belts, or anything like that will work. The hair: straight-leave it. Wavy or curly-but it in a ponytail.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grammy Looks

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-The More Fashionable

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Purses! Purses! Purses!

What is your fave purse you own? What is your most expensive one? These are all very good questions. Purses are the best way to tie up the look you want.
Plain vs. Busy.
A very plain and expensive bag is probably the best one to splurge on. When you buy a complex, busy, detailed bag, there are fewer outfits you can wear it with. Which means that you have wasted your money on something you can rarely use. So if the bag you really want is expensive, make sure you have a lot to wear it with. A good idea would be to get a picture of the bag and look through all the clothes in your closet and see what you could wear with it. If there are very few items, consider searching for another, more plain bag. If you are really attached to the bag check on the brand's website to see if the bag comes in alternate colors. If the bag you want isn't pricey but is busy, remember: you want it, so buy it.
Real vs. Not.
To splurge on the bag you want is not always a bad thing. To buy a fake isn't always bad either. Before you buy that amazing real, make sure you really want it. Wait a few weeks before you buy the bag. If the urge to buy it is still the same as it was the first time you saw the bag, buy it. If it's not, forget about that bag. You don't want it enough. If the bag you love is too expensive but you need it look for smaller versions of the bag. Or, simply wait for the price to be marked down. I would not recommend buying a faux. It might not have the quality that real one has. Now, as for buying fakes. If you happen to find that one bag, but its fake, check the quality, inside and out. Find spots that might break easily. Like corners where fabric could peel, rhinestones that could fall off, zippers that could break. The fewer the better. If you want it and it has the quality of a real bag, buy it.
Big Bag vs. Small Bag.
The size of the bag is important in order to find a bag that works for your shape. If you are small and/or short, a small bag is a good idea. Don't wear huge bags. They make you look tiny. If you are tall and/or not so skinny, a bigger bag is a good idea. A small bag could make you look giant. As for tote bags, they can work with any shape.
That is purse 101.

-The More Fashionable

Friday, December 18, 2009

Outfit Essentials

The things you should always wear are the stepping stools for an ah-mazing outfit. First thing, tanktops. Reasons why? A tanktop can save an outfit. Get a stain? No prob. What about those insanly cute but way to revealing tops? Again, no prob. Second thing, a great pair of UGGs. No, not fuggs, real UGGs. Its important to have that one item in your closet you're so glad you splurged on. UGGs can be paired with almost any outfit. Plus when you wear UGGs, you know people are noticing you. Last essential, confidence. When you say "I hate my outfit!" or "I can't believe I wore this!" people will agree.
- TheMore Fashionable

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Go Crazy For Couture!

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